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I focus on three main disciplines: pursuing growth, income, and capital preservation objectives.  With these disciplines, I utilize fundamental nuts and bolts analysis, behavioral finance, and non-emotional technical charting to help position us within the marketplace.  It’s impossible to know everything, and the charts of the market help convey collective knowledge.

First and foremost, I am your financial advisor – but our relationship also runs deeper.  By learning more about you and your loved ones, I hope to not only help in your financial journey, but also become your friend.  I want to stay informed of any major life events, such as a wedding, purchase of a new house, birth of a baby, graduations, death of a loved one, and more.


Types of Services and Costs

Where we reasonably believe it to be in a client's best interest, we recommend:

Advisory Services
For more details, including costs, please refer to Stifel's Form ADV Part 2A, Wrap Disclosure Brochure, for detailed information about the fees and expenses that clients incur in connection with Stifel's investment advisory programs and to Stifel's Form CRS.
  Non-Advisory Products (Brokerage Services)
For more details, including costs, please refer to Stifel’s Relationship Guide and to Stifel’s Form CRS.

I pride myself on employing a simple and easy-to-understand fee structure.  You have a right to know exactly what you are paying and how it is computed.