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Who I Serve

I serve a broad range of clients, including business owners, regular working households, and high-net-worth individuals.  These clients have accounts of varying sizes – what is most important is that there is mutual respect between me and the client.  My ideal client is someone looking for guidance and who understands we are here to assist them throughout their entire lives.  

I want to help anyone who is seeking to better their financial life and pursue both short- and long-term goals.  I tend to be my clients’ first call for many issues beyond finance.  From there, we triage the situation and help you connect with the right professional.

Our Meetings

While I provide the opportunity for periodic portfolio update discussions, I also like to meet at least twice a year, either in person or virtually.  Since the pandemic, more clients desire to meet virtually, primarily for efficiency.  Many clients who spend the winter down south or stay at the lake during the summer don’t want to take time to travel for in-person meetings.  I will do what my client prefers.

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